JK Tire has announced the introduction of the new ‘Blaze Rydr BR43’ for premium motorcycles in India. These are new radial tubeless tires and the company will offer them in size 140 / 70-17 and will be targeted at performance drivers. The Blaze Rydr tire comes with a stiff shoulder design for better grip, cornering stability and a specialized tread pattern for better traction and smart water channels. The company says the tire is most suitable for customers who drive in cities and highways.

Vikram Malhotra, Marketing Director of JK Tire & Industries, said: “We develop products that improve the driving experience of our customers.” We recently entered the tire segment for two-wheelers and the market response was very encouraging. “The Blaze Rydr BR43 is another addition to meet the demands of higher CC motorcyclists and we are convinced that this will further improve the driving experience of customers. This is our dedication to meet the emerging needs of the market and introducing tires that help to keep up with changing market requirements. ”

The new tire comes with an advanced crossover groove pattern for better performance and has been developed with superior tread rubber. In addition, the new Blaze Rydr tires have been rigorously tested to check for superior driving performance and driving characteristics, and the 100% run-out has been tested against vibration and wobble. The company says the tires have even been tested by professional riders on the circuits to determine speed, precision and consistency, and claim that they will allow the riders a comfortable ride with total control.

JK Tires has also announced that the full range of Blaze two-wheelers from the tire series comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing and non-manufacturing defects under the terms and conditions.