FEGO Float No Back Pain Air Suspension Seat – Rs. 1,907.00

  • FEGO FLOAT provides great ride comfort even on worst roads
  • Fego Float acts like an air suspension and can reduce up to 46% harsh vibrations that come from Bad roads.
  • Fego float with its unique pressure distribution technology distributes pressure evenly amongst all cells. Due to which rider can ride twice as long without butt pain.
  • For riders who go for long distances, fego float shall reduce butt pain and help them float comfortably.
  • The seat has a Rain Cover, a Seat cover made with top genuine Leather, high-quality mesh and bottom anti-skid material, two straps to tie it up to the stock seat. The mesh used in the top of the seat cover gives good ventilation underneath butt and helps riders fight sweat. Works best for all cruisers(Harley Davidson, Avenger etc.,) touring bikes(Royal Enfield all models) and scooters. (Honda Activa, TV Jupiter, HeroMaestro, Yamaha Fascino, Vespa etc.,).Works great for a pillion s

FEGO Float Specification

Technical Details

Item Weight449 g
Product Dimensions30 x 32 x 1.5 cm
Item part numberFego Bike01
Manufacturer Part NumberFego Bike01
Inner MaterialTPU
Outer MaterialLeather + Air mesh
IncludedElastics, Rain cover, seat cover, Air bladder, Instructions Manual
Item Weight449 Grams

FEGO Float Product Details

What FEGO Float do ?

Fego wants to give a unique, Feel Good ride experience through its innovative Automotive accessories. We realised that the automotive market is not just about the vehicles but also the little things which make us enjoy them.

Bad roads will be better roads !

46% of Jerk & vibration reduction. All those aaahhhs and ouchsss on a bad road due to potholes and speed breakers can be reduced to a floating experience. Yeah, you heard me right, Just a floating experience.

Ride Loooooonger.

2X long ride time. Riding is like meditation. You shouldn’t stop your meditation because your butt hurts. Keep Floating.

Good Air Circulation. No Sweating.

Enjoy a breezy ride! Not on your face but underneath your seat. No kidding. You shall have air passing through underneath your seat so no sweating.

6 people who benefit most

3 Must to Have customer types: 1. People with back pain issues 2. Pregnants 3. Pillion riders who go for long rides. 3. Good to have customer types: 1. Tourers who Love going for long rides 2. Office commuters who drive more than 90 mins a day. 3. People who love new experiences. Make their motorcycle ride more pleasant.

FEGO Float Frequently Asked Questions

Question:Is it compatible with pulsar 180?

Answer:Yes it is compatible as our design is based on the human anatomy not the countour of seat. Most of our pulsars customer who bought the seat rated it 8+.

Question:Does the air pump coming with the seat?

Answer:Hi. It is really easy to just blow air in it via mouth because it doesn’t need a lot of air. Just one or two blows are enough, actually. Using an air pump fills more air than required which will end up in increase in height and making you wobbly on the bike. Hope this helps.

Question:Water proof seat pillows

Answer:Yes, we give a rain cover which acts a water proof to the seat

Question:Who should i contact regarding guarantee??

Answer:The company

Question:Does it fit for interceptor 650?

Answer:Yes it does, but due to the narrow size of the interceptor 650 seat, you can also check out our new FEGO Sail pillion seat which we recently launched on amazon.