With the name Ninja ZX25R, Kawasaki already has a functional prototype that must make 50PS!

  • Kawasaki is working on a small four-cylinder motorcycle called Ninja ZX25R.
  • Reports show that Kawasaki already has a 250cc four-cylinder prototype that works at its facilities in Indonesia.
  • The new 250cc engine will probably make its debut later this year.
  • New Kawasaki Ninja ZX25R at work

Allegedly Kawasaki is working on a small capacity engine for the Asian markets. According to online reports, the new bicycle will be powered by a 250cc four-cylinder in-line engine. Rumour has it that Kawasaki already has a prototype cycling race in its Indonesian facility and is probably called Ninja ZX25R.

Speculation is sufficient that this will be a powerful engine and will develop approximately 50PS maximum power. This is considerably higher than the 39PS output of the Ninja 300 with two cylinders and even the more giant Ninja 400, of which the two-cylinder engine is 49PS. We hope that this bike will be more like an entry level super sport for the track and as a result will get a more sporty and ergonomic body. The ZX25R prototype seen at the Kawasaki plant in Indonesia had an exhaust gutter, which could mean that Kawasaki is looking forward to making an entry-level motorcycle worthy of the circuit.

The expectation is that this new bicycle will have the largest design language of Ninja H2 and that it will have the right superior functions, such as LED headlights, a digital instrument console and even a cable ride. It is also expected that the suspension will be updated in the form of upside-down forks and a linked monoshock.

We can expect that Kawasaki will make the ZX25R debut later this year at the Tokyo Motor Show and launch in the markets of Japan and South Asia early next year.

Due to the high production costs of the four-cylinder engine and the parts with high specifications, the bike is expected to cost in the vicinity of the Kawasaki Ninja 400, which is sold in India together with the Ninja 300 two-cylinder. That would make it very difficult for Kawasaki. To place the ZX-25R here. However, given the enthusiasm of Indian enthusiasts for four-cylinder motorcycles, an entry-level sports bike could work in line with the Rs 4 lakh.

image Credit : Kawasaki