Husqvarna India launch

– Husqvarna motorcycles will be launched in India in September 2019.
– Motorcycles will use a common motor and platform with KTM motorcycles.
– Bajaj will sell Husqvarna bicycles through KTM dealers throughout the country.

Five years ago, when KTM, Bajaj Auto’s European partner, purchased Swedish engine manufacturer Husqvarna. Husqvarna is ready to start production in the Bajaj Auto plant in Pune in the coming months. The launch of Husqvarna India is expected to take place before September 2019.

image credit : Husqvarna

Bajaj has plans to place Husqvarna bikes in designated showrooms for the first half of the following fiscal year. Not only this, but Bajaj will also enter the two-wheeled electrical market under the Urbanite brand. The Urbanite will appear in six to nine months, around which Husqvarna engines will also come. While the Urbanite brand is sold in special showrooms, Husqvarna will use all KTM dealers available throughout India.

image credit : Husqvarna

Husqvarna engines are powered by a common powertrain and a common vehicle platform that has been jointly developed by Bajaj Auto and KTM engineers. However, this is not the first time that Bajaj will use the same dealers to sell motorcycles of two different brands, as we have seen before, with KTM and Kawasaki sold in the same dealer before the Japanese manufacturer breaks up.

Bajaj Auto is also working on a project with the British engine manufacturer Triumph. It is said that both companies are now very close to signing a formal agreement for their association. Bajaj Auto announced in 2017 that Triumph and Bajaj will work together on the introduction of medium-capacity motorcycles for India and the world market. However, with the development planned to start this year, Bajaj Auto says it will take at least two years before jointly developed products can be introduced to the market.