Tubeless Kit

Tubeless Kit

Tubless Conversion Kit

India 1st Successful Tubeless Conversion Kit from Way2speed. Whether its Spoke wheel or Wired wheel you can use it on both. It’s easy, strong and long-lasting.

Way2ubeless Tubeless Spoke wheel /Wire Wheels Conversion process.

What You’ll Need

Way2ubeless Polymer Aluminum and Metal formulation, Tubeless tyre valve

Make Your Wire Wheels / spoke wheel Tubeless with Tubeless Kit.

1. Check wheel run out, correct all imperfections if necessary.

2. Tighten all spokes to the specified torque and balance it

3. Thoroughly clean and de-grease inside of the wheel. Even a small spot of dirt or grease could keep the Way2ubeless Polymer from adhering properly and you’ll have a leak.

4. Clean the surface properly and use gloves at all time.

5. Fill all spoke socket holes completely with “way2ubeless Aluminum and Metal polymer”  Fill around spoke sockets completely. Watch the instruction video for better understanding

6. cover the spoke area with way2ubeless lavishly  Allow to dry.

7.  Cut the hole for the valve stem and install the tubeless valve and seal around it with way2ubeless polymer without covering the hole

8. Allow to cure /dry for 12-15 hours. This is critical and important.

9. Install the rim tape.

10. Apply tire grease and Mount the tyre without tube, inflate to maximum pressure as stated on the tyre.

11. Thoroughly check for leaks with soap bubbles. Leaks will likely be where the spoke comes out of the spoke socket. They will be very slow and difficult to find.

12. If you have followed the directions and allowed the specified cure time, you will not have any leaks and none will develop later.

13. Adjust pressure to a specified level.

14. Always maintain a minimum of 20PSI pressure to prevent beading slip


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